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The map requires a large java script download in order to function correctly. There is no need to do anything, the download happens automatically. Download size is approximately 460KB. Download times are approximately: Dialup 1m 5s, ISDN 28s, Broadband 4s. The component is a one time download and will remain cached. Once the component has downloaded then maps will load in to the map view.

To pan the map, select the pan icon Pan Icon, left click on the map and whilst holding the left button drag your mouse in the opposite direction from the part of the map desired. Alternatively left click the north, south, west and east.
To zoom in and out of the map, position the curser at the centre of the desired zoom position and scroll the middle mouse wheel towards the screen to zoom in and away from the screen to zoom out. Alternatively left click the in and out.
A third way of zooming the map is by selecting the Magnifying Glass Icon. Once selected, simply draw a box around the area to zoom in to by left clicking in one corner and then left clicking in the opposite corner. The map will then zoom to that position and area. Remember to select Pan Icon before trying to pan.

Over the top of some roads there is a coloured line. This coloured line represents the current recorded road speed for that section of the road. The colour of the line indicates the speed of traffic. Green signifies free flowing, yellow a slight delay, amber a moderate delay and red a severe delay.
You may notice that the overlays do not always follow the road exactly. Due to data licensing constraints we are only able to create road overlays from junction to junction.

Each icon on the map represents something that may be of interest.

There are a number of different icons shown on the map. They are listed below:

Roadwork Icon

Incident Icon

Accident Icon

Car Park Icon

Event Icon

Road Access Icon

Weather Station Icon

Air Quality Station Icon

Traffic Information Sign Icon


Some icons can appear with a surrounding colour other than green. When this is the case the colour denotes the severity of item in question. Red denotes severe, amber denotes moderate and finally green denotes slight. The different icons are shown below.

Severe Accident Icon Severe delays icon for an accident.

Moderate Accident Icon Moderate delays icon for an accident.

Slight Accident Icon Slight delays icon for an accident.

Car parks are represented slightly differently to the rest of the items. For car parks there is a bar down the left had side. This bar denotes how full the car park is or if it is closed. The different icons are shown below.

Closed Car Park Icon Car park closed icon.

Light Car Park Icon Car park empty icon.

Medium Car Park Icon Car park medium fill icon.

Full Car Park Icon Car park full icon.

Some items shown on the map are active, whilst others are likely to become active in the near future. This is represented in the background colour of the icon. Note, the colour of the triangle also varies according to the severity. The different icons are shown below.

Current Roadwork Icon Currently active Roadwork causing severe delay icon.

Planned Roadwork Icon Roadwork that is planned in the near future that is likely to cause severe delay icon.

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